It’s all about your Learning

Thank God! We are in the era of Google, where every question has an answer. I remember there was the time when we had to spend most of our hours in the library or taking our parent’s help just to find out few answers. I won’t deny the fact that hard work involved in getting the right answer was a mere waste of time. Indeed you might have had encountered many new facts in between. Those precious moments of finding the right answer might have landed you with new terminologies, few unwanted answers or another set of new questions. You never know!

We learn at every stage during our lifetime. Despite the challenges we face but learning never stops. With the current scenario of digitalization, everything is changed and surely the time has changed too. I will not hesitate to add a most wanted term of” Smart work “is a need of an hour!


On a lighter note, one no needs to tag themselves as smart to do smart work but on the contrary, it reflects from you, your skills and from your past leanings.

Certainly, we always learn all the time; it could be formal or informal. Sometimes informal learning has the great impact on our lives but as we move on the formal takes the center stage, leaving aside the informal ones.

Gone are the days when the referral or some database or knowledge was limited till few books and authors. With the drastic development in every nook and corner, there are myriad of answers on each call!

But one question which might pop up in some corner of our mind!

How can a human being remember it all at the same point of time? 

 Is it really possible with the current scenario and when we all are already over-occupied with our lives and professions?

 Why it is important to keep a track of learning and how?

After all, the software of human body and machines are different and there is no escape for the human. They can only manage till they remember it and there is absolutely no guarantee for it. Surely learning is not a limited process and never is late to learn. But with this challenge how can you make yourself upgrade all the time with the knowledge and skills which you already have.

With the professional challenges all around its important to keep a tab on most of the learning we do. Apparently, each of our learning which can be tracked easily might solve many brewing issues in coming future.

Well, in short, capture your learning with our solution!


A browser extension to capture your online learning with just a single click.


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