Final Year Project – The Big Break

Last week, I had a courtesy visit to my uncle’s place, and we all were having a casual chit chat. Slowly the topics kept changing, and my cousin who is in her final year of engineering, started discussing the final year academic project that she is working on. I realized that it has been fifteen years since I did my academic project. The academic curriculum has completely changed since then. While we used to learn Pascal and C, current generation is learning Java and .Net.  The tradition which has not yet changed is that of a project to windup the technical degree, and I’m wondering WHY?

As per IEEE:

Engineering is that profession in which knowledge of the mathematical, computational, and natural sciences gained by study, experience, and practice is applied with judgment to develop economically effective use of matter, energy, and information to the benefit of humankind.”

If we go by above definition, the final year project is a mechanism to provide you an opportunity to gain experience in the practical and beneficial application of what you have been studying for the past few years. There is another reason why your final year project is so important: it will inevitably be used as a discriminator to decide how good an engineering student you are. These academic projects are considered to be problem based learning, where student need to apply and integrate their knowledge and skill to solve a problem.

There are three key steps for successfully completing the academic project:

  1. Choosing a project
  2. Planning & execution
  3. Documenting your project

I will be discussing about these and sharing my personal opinion from an industry point of view in incoming blogs.


EnGrip, a platform to bring non-formal learning to resume, has announced Plunge, a national level competition to reward best final year project by engineering students in India.

Top projects will be rewarded with cash prize and every participant will get their own Living Resume. For sign-up and more information on the program log on to If you have any queries write to them at

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