Choosing the Best Project Development Method for Your Final Year Project

The final year project is your stepping stone towards your engineering degree. As exhausting as it may seem, it gradually introduces you to a professional practice by applying whatever you have studied all the years into creating something substantial. It is the ultimate test of your hard skills which is basically your textbook ideas, knowledge as well as your soft skills which include your generic professional skills.

Final Year Project

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In this regard, choosing the best method for developing your project becomes very important. Quite often, you may feel burdened by your project guide to come up and work on a very unique idea that would be based on some obscure form of technology.

Choosing your Project Topic


This is the most important step while choosing how to develop your project. You need to search through quite a number of websites in order to check the latest conference papers as well as published papers. One such popular website is that of IEEE. Here, you will be able to find a plethora of published papers from various sources to review. Although, only an abstract of the paper is downloadable for free, you can easily make use of the free access provided by the college account or the project library.

Research before you choose your project topic

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You should extensively refer to these papers and research them to come up with an idea based on day-to-day problems that the common man encounters or would be likely to encounter. Laying emphasis on an application-oriented project is more important than a theory-based project. The reasons behind this are that it adds more weight to your resume and more importantly, it will give you a first-hand experience of working on a company’s large-scale development process.

Keeping it Original

It is extremely important that your project is original and genuine. It does not matter whether your project is big or small, simple or complex, but it should not simply be a copy of something found on Google.

Don't just copy

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Keeping it Relevant

You must ensure that your final year research topic is researchable. This means that there must be enough similar papers and articles available for you to conduct conclusive research. Hence, be prepared to spend a sizeable amount of time at the academic library and research websites to get valuable information on your chosen topic. Bear in mind that while an enormous amount of information is available on the Internet, there is no sense of quality control as some of the articles can be too journalistic for an academic project. So be careful about what you read and choose to include as part of your research.

Planning is IMPORTANT!

It is common knowledge that planning ahead is always a good idea. What would happen if you get caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella? You would get really wet, right? Similarly, you are highly likely to land yourself in deep trouble. After choosing an appropriate topic, if you do not make plans on how to go about your project and its various requirements properly, it could fail and result in a monumental wastage of time and effort. Planning becomes the most important aspect of developing a project

Why is Planning Important for your Research


  1. Unexpected Problems: If you fail to check in advance, you could find yourself short of necessary space or crucial materials that would be necessary for your project. It is also possible that the necessary staff or funding might not be available at that time.

Be ready to face challenges

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  1. Permissions: Formal approvals or “Permissions” are essential for conducting a research project. Without these, you would not be able to avail facilities such as libraries, laboratories, etc., or be denied access to funds.

Obtain all necessary approvals

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  1. Methods: If you utilize the wrong method to implement your project, it is possible that flaws would be discovered after completion of the work, which would render the entire project invalid.

Choose right methods

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  1. Time: Although often underestimated, proper usage of time is highly important and failure to do so can result in the failure of the project.

Respect time and deadlines

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Steps to Follow While Developing Your Project

It is quite evident that making an appropriate plan is essential for developing a research project. In short, any research project should follow the below-listed steps:

  • Choosing a research topic
  • Literature Review
  • Making plans to go about your project
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Drawing conclusions
  • Identifying future work
  • Presentation
  • Preparing a report
  • Publishing a paper


A final year project is one of the most important phases of a budding engineer’s life and you must ensure that you are ahead of the pack. Your project development is crucial to your profile as an engineer. Hence, make sure you make the right choices while developing your project. Good luck!

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