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How Consuming Less Content Can Make You a Better Learner

There are millions of bytes of information flowing around the web, which you consume every day in the form of thoughtful articles, knowledgeable videos, thousand words e-books, which all are filled with valuable content.

Think for a minute, how much content your mind would be digesting daily out of 11+ hours of media consumption

You consume a massive amount of information, which is, of course, expanding your knowledge bubble because no doubt most of the learning is now happening outside classrooms; time spent watching the insightful Youtube video online is equivalent to attending a college lecture.

After such big praise, how would you take if I say; online learning can be harmful to your real success!


Yes, I am serious, let me explain; because of absorbing so much content our brain is unconsciously getting trained to consume more and more information. In short, we are getting addicted to new data.

And, no it’s not our mistake, content creators are doing their job nicely by generating quality content and promoting it well to get our attention.

Now, tell me honestly, have you ever caught yourself skimming blogs after blogs and feels tempted to read the ones waiting in your mailbox or Scrolling your Facebook feed mindlessly fast.

We are in a never ending race of consuming content, each time you are done with reading an engaging piece of content, another one will pop up and come in your dreams until you read it.

And, we can’t consume it all, this much time we would need to watch all Youtube Videos 😀

Youtube Videos Watching Time


Simply, more content is turning us into consumption creatures, and in a result, we are drooling for even more content and not squeezing the best out of the consumption.

In reality, beneficial learning happens when a proper time is spent to absorb the material and planned to put it in action.

This can happen when we stop our temptation to jump to next learning and pause to get the best out of the thing we just consumed.

Here is when Documenting your online learning steps in because when you are documenting your learning while consuming, it strikes your brain to get active, which results in the new knowledge to stick in your mind longer and your chances to take action on that increases.

Going ahead lets have a look at the how much impact documenting can make over your learning. 

Benefits of Documenting your Online Learning:

Until now you must be aware of how we are consuming content and how our brain learns knowledge, with this awareness, let’s look into 3 interconnected gains documenting online learning can provide.

Hold your learning in your mind:

Your brain is your best friend; he can go to any extend to get you what you believe in, which is formed through repetition of events, your surroundings or what you say to yourself.

That’s the reason some of us, end up being more confident people just because of environment we (our brain) was grown up.

Shhhh…Watch your words; your brain is listening 😀 (No Negative Talk!)

Our brain takes some time to imprint a behaviour and similarly a new learning; this is why when you are on a diet for a longer time, it becomes easy for you to resist junk food because of the new learning your brain got that you love healthier body more than a pleasure to have a Pizza.

For instance, when you watch an informative video and just after that jump to read an interesting article, the learning will never stick to your mind properly because of your consumption cycle.

Oppositely, when you are documenting while consuming and putting reminders to revise, the learning will be repeating to your mind, which leads to longer stay in your brain and more chances of you taking action.

Keeps you mindful and under control:

As I said before we are living in a digital era which is full of tempting content; your endless social media feeds, 100’s of newsletters, various sites to follow, it gets messy fast.

It has trained our brain to consume more and more content but not spending considerable time to concentrate and get the most out of the words we read.

Thus, documenting your learning will break the pattern and turn your robotic learning into a mindful learning and keep your data consumption under control.

In return, your brain processing will improve because of your thinking engagement and balance your consumption and creation ration; which is imperative to get real results from your knowledge

Helps you learn objectively:

Objective learning is simply knowing more about a particular topic which serves an objective in your real life.

Learning objectively is what you need to build your knowledge blocks to reach heights in your niche.

It’s interesting to see how documenting aid in improving your objective learning.

Let’s connect the dots, it’s going to be fun 🙂

Documentation will result in holding the information longer in your brain (—) Longer the information will stay in your brain, the chances of taking action increases (—) The more action you take, the more things you will explore and consume objectively to learn more about discoveries and the loop keeps you growing in life.

Documenting makes whole lots of difference in your learning experience!

After knowing a lot about documenting, I can listen to someone saying “how I should document the learning?”

Honestly, it totally depends on your personal preference, and I will plan to write more about it, but it can go from simple pen and paper to techie tools

For today, I have something for you, if you are the one who is extremely dedicated to making your learning worth then you should try EnGrip; it’s an online learning suite for self-learners, which can make your learning experience effortless by real time note taking and revising reminders.

EnGrip Extension

And, it’s lifetime free for you 🙂

How EnGrip can make your learning more rewarding:

  • Save your learning:

EnGrip Extension

In just a few clicks your learning will be saved with your notes, and a reminder will be set for you to revise the learning to make it stick to your mind.

  • Make learning more credible:

EnGrip Living Resume

EnGrip will turn your everyday learning into 24X7 updated shareable living resume, which you can send to employers and clients to showcase your true knowledge which your 2-page resume or Linkedin profile won’t show.

So, next time whenever you catch yourself consuming content mindlessly, just stop and focus on quality reading, not quantity reading.

Even a single blog read mindfully can make a lot of difference which 5 blogs read mindlessly won’t.

If you have questions or any story to share, comment down below I would love to know 😉

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