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4 Step Framework to supercharge the value of your reading time

Reading is one of the nicest habits you can have, it makes you smart, knowledgeable, mindful and keeps you on edge from others.

You are reading this, it means you are an avid reader and know the real value of it. Tap yourself for this. 

Seriously, do it!

Done? Now, let’s move ahead and try to make your habit of reading into a superpower by discussing the 4 step framework to get 10X value from your time invested in reading.

But, before we discuss the 4 steps of the framework, let’s address the base first, which is seeing reading as an outcome driven activity.

Whatever, go in your mind has to be converted into action to juice the tangible value in your life because knowledge is now power, it is just a potential of power.

Let these lines sync in your mind;

EnGrip Quote

When I really got this quote; the realization blew my mind that how imbalance my reading was; reading 1000’s of words (Consuming) but wasn’t doing anything out of it. (Not Creating)

Now, don’t get me wrong, only reading still has it’s own benefits (0>1) But, here we are talking about how to turn the knowledge in reality and start creating which provides the real growth and fulfillment in life.

Before we jump into the 4 Step Framework let’s lay down a real-life example of balance inflow and outflow reading so we can relate better.

Imbalance Reading: Utkarsh read a case study; Dropbox’s Referral Program – How They Got 4 Million Users In 15 Months -> Made interesting face -> Jumped to read Airbnb Case Study :/

Balanced Reading:  Utkarsh read the same case study with 4 Step Framework -> This time instead of directly jumping to Airbnb’s case study, Utkarsh added a team meeting on the calendar to discuss how can we leverage the referral strategy -> They test a new strategy and bagged 5000 new customers <3

This is how it always works; consuming without creating is not useful.

Now, assuming you are clear about what the value based reading is and how it can impact our lives, let’s straight jump into the 4 Step Framework to get 10X value from your reading.

1st Step: Weekly Goals Clarity:

Goal setting is imperative for methodical growth and it is proven a person with goals is 10 times more successful than who doesn’t and it does the same for your reading.

Because there a humongous amount of informative content available to you but consuming content aligning to your weekly goals will help you bring your new learning into action quickly.

Also, It will change your pattern to consume everything you see online and only focus on interacting with content which will be beneficial for your weekly goal so you can balance consuming and creating. 

Action: Stop reading and take 5 minutes to write down your goals for this week and that could be from working on a project to start eating healthy and try to focus on consuming content around your goals.

2nd Step; Block Out Time:

Living your day in chunks make you productive and by dedicating a certain number of hours to just one task, you “block off” your time (and your mind) from other projects which increases the focus and outcome and we can apply the same rule for our reading time.

Blocking time for reading instantly makes it more valuable by projecting it as a task, not just a free time popcorn consumption and also detach you from consumption while creating.

So, if you are one of them who are addicted to consumption, put down your Kindle and look around you and focus on doing something about your weekly goals.

Action: Catch yourself when you are reading while walking, sitting with friends or at your work time and block out time in your day when you only focus on reading. 8 PM – 10 PM is for me 🙂


Utkarsh Arora Reading Schedule
(Separate Consuming & Creating!)

3rd Step; Set the Stage:

In last two steps, we learned that reading should not be treated as time pass popcorn consumption rather it should be a deliberately planned activity so it can fuel your real life journey.

Like any other planned activity reading also need some preparation, therefore take out those notebooks like your school time for note taking to keep yourself alert and engage your mind while reading.

If you are not an old school you can use any note-taking app or install EnGrip extension on your browser and take real-time notes and experience the new way of online learning. 

EnGrip Note Taking Feature

Action: While gaining your planned knowledge, try to jot down important excerpts which will be needful for you to take action.

Sign up for EnGrip; it’s Free!

4th Step; Turn it into Reality:

The last but the most important step in the framework is to bring your knowledge into reality, which simply means to do something out of what you learned.

Here you will need some push because gaining knowledge is the easiest thing to do but creation ask for an effort.

Doing is different for everyone but I know the sweat it takes to just do it and in the downtime, this video helps me a lot 😉 Gary <3


Action: Every time you are done with reading and ready with the notes, pause before you jump to the next one and open your calendar and mark an event to implement the knowledge or even better just do it! if you can implement at that moment. 

Utkarsh Arora Calendar
Add it to the calendar and DO!

Final Words:

You have just completed the simple 4-Step Framework to supercharge your reading value, if I want to sum it up the framework in a sentence then it is; ‘a transition from consuming to creating.’ You can follow the 4 steps in order to get started or customise it according to your needs because it is more of a mindset shift than a blueprint.

I am confident before you close the tab, you will take a minute to think how to bring this knowledge in reality 🙂 And, It will be great if you can share the action you will take in the comments below, it will motivate the other readers, including me!


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